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    The Practical Guide For Healthy Eating | Try Not To Loos Weight

    Healthy Eating:

    A reasonable guide to eating just a little more healthy by changing our eating habits and not break the process. That is all we all want. When it comes to eating, we just need to know what kind of food we can find in a local supermarket, which is tasty and affordable but healthy at the same time.

    Take a breakfast rich in protein. What you want at the beginning of the day is a high protein food. Proteins are complex molecules that break down slowly during cellular respiration (the "fuel burning process" that helps keep you alive) keeps you full longer and gives you energy while keeping your blood sugar low. blood. When you eat sweet baked goods, like waffles, pancakes or cereals, for example, you get a rapid increase in energy and an increase in sugar, but the effects disappear very soon and you end up feeling hungry again much earlier and in some cases you can also start to feel psychologically depressed (the so-called swing cycle of the mood of sugar fever). If you combine high-protein foods with some complex carbohydrates, you can prepare for the day. The process of slower conversion of proteins and carbohydrates into sugars that the body can use for energy makes you feel full of energy and can continue your day for longer.

    Breakfast Ideas:

    Oatmeal with nuts, spinach, and banana smoothie, homemade protein bars, eggs, Greek yogurt with honey and low-fat (no fat!)

    Pre-make your lunches and plan ahead. We only eat garbage because it is accessible; It is an easy solution to reach. If you make lunches healthier and more accessible, you will eat much more naturally. If you prepare your lunches ahead of time and take them to work with you and have easily accessible snacks at hand, you are less likely to want to buy donuts or low-quality prepared foods from a fast-food meal.

    If you have a refrigerator at work, you can prepare lunch and take them with you in a Tupperware. Sandwiches are not bad either, especially if you make them yourself and put some fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. You do not need to spend a lot of time and money to put it together, especially if you do it beforehand and just take it and leave in the morning.

    Ideas for Lunch:

    Turkey or chicken + vegetable wraps, pasta with vegetables, light Caesar salad without mayonnaise, tuna or smoked salmon sandwiches, sweet potatoes with cottage cheese and broccoli, a variety of vegetables with ham

    Make healthy dinners based on vegetables. We slow down at night and so does our metabolism, so we do not need the extra calories after the sun goes down. Unfortunately, we often end up spending all day feeling hungry or very busy and we just forget to eat and when the night comes we eat too much and/or choose the type of food that is quick and comforting, like pizza or several burgers and a beer. These would not be as bad as an exception, but on a daily basis, they will not help you stay healthy and fit. So, if it's about that and you end up feeling really hungry at night, you have a great meal, just make it with 60-70% vegetables. Prepare a large salad and adhere to the lean protein as the main course, since carbohydrates at night are no longer your friends. Proteins are broken down into amino acids that are part of other proteins (ie, muscle) with an excess of amino acids deaminated and converted to glucose, ready to enter the glycolysis, which burns them as fuel. The point is that you need a lot of meat to create that kind of scenario and when you mix proteins with vegetables, it is unlikely that you will eat too much.

    Most basic vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, and lettuce, are easy to find and are not expensive, especially if you buy them at the local market or buy fruits and vegetables in season, they are always cheaper.

    Ideas for Dinner:

    Large lettuce salad with grilled chicken, eggplant baked with tomatoes, pork steak with slices, pork meatballs with mushrooms and green beans, peppers stuffed with pork, quiche without the crust in the oven, Baked fish with broccoli.

    General Advice:

    Get some fish or meat (preferably lean or at least cut visible fat) or bake in the oven and add some vegetables to the side, as many as you want.

    Choose relatively unprocessed foods when you can, if you can. Virtually everything you eat is processed in some way, but not everything is processed equally. Highly processed foods are often loaded in fats, sugars, and salt, but are very low in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The material is designed to make you feel good because, due to the high amounts of fat, sugar, and salt, it tastes delicious, at least until you re-train your taste buds to recognize what real food tastes like. The simpler the item you buy and the closer it is to its original form, the better, basically. You do not have to buy everything this way, but the more natural foods you add to your menu, the more likely you are to make the most of what you eat, beyond getting the energy you need to stay alive.

    Choose a day of goodies. There is nothing wrong with chocolate and ice cream as long as a) do not eat too much (we are talking about pounds) b) do not eat too often, like every day with every meal. Actually, you'll value them more if you prepare them instead of a standard addition to each dinner. Refusing to treat yourself is not a good idea either, just choose them wisely, do not add them to a full meal and do not eat too much at one time. If you are observing your figure, the best way to manage sweets is to choose one day a week when you are allowed any amount of sweets you want, in reasonable quantities, and that will help you not only manage your sweet tooth but also to give him something to wait for. It is much easier to refuse something when you know exactly when you can have it.

    Also, if your diet is balanced and you eat a lot of protein-rich foods, you will not want to eat sweets.

    Stock up on healthy snacks And keep them where you can see them ready to eat. If you buy healthy foods, it does not mean you are going to eat them unless it is easier for you to reach them when you need them. If you buy fruit, wash it and put it in a bowl where you can see it and have raw nuts on hand as easy to pick up or homemade bars of nuts or protein for a more serious snack. The same goes for quick snack vegetable packages like peppers, small tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers, if you cut them during the day and keep them in the fridge at home or at work, it will be much easier for you to grab them. That extra step of not having to prepare food when hungry can make a difference.

    Snack Ideas:

    Any type of fruit and nuts, apple slices with peanut butter, cheese sticks, tomatoes with mozzarella, rolls of ham and cucumber, Greek yogurt, eggs filled with light cream cheese.


    • Try to stay away from fast food and prepare your own meals as often as you can.
    • Try to avoid sweet sodas and energy drinks altogether. Most of them are simply sugar in liquid form.
    • Try not to get to the point where you are so hungry that you no longer care what you eat, take a snack with attention throughout the day and keep small portions of the main meals. Anything that your body does not use is stored.
    • Choose foods that are not processed or as little processed as possible when you can.
    • Try to eat at least one type of fruit and one type of vegetable a day. If you can not place them, make a quick shake: 2 oz. Of spinach, 1 ripe banana, 1 medium apple mixed with 2 cups of water. If you do not want to eat meat every day, consider changing it for a bowl of giant beans in the red sauce from time to time or preparing a large salad with lettuce, eggs, and nuts.
    • If there are some vegetables like spinach or broccoli that you can not eat in any way but you would like, consider adding them to a smoothie with some fruit, for example. Bananas and apples.
    • Try including seafood on your menu at least once a week. You can buy frozen salmon that can be baked frozen in less than 30 minutes.
    • If you feel hungry very late in the evening, eat a small portion of low-fat Greek yogurt with some cinnamon on top. It's the perfect midnight snack that curbs hunger.

    In general, it's not about weight loss as much as feeling good, having more energy and potentially being in a better mood. You can lose weight while eating unhealthy if you eat in small amounts. It is the food deficit that makes your body optimize and lower the pounds. Healthy food is not necessarily low in calories or low in fat, it is a food that is good for your body; after all, it is what is used to build it.

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